What is AdzCoin?

One more cryptocurrency here called AdzCoin. There are more cryptocurrencies or digital currencies we know it already. May be this one is not so filmier to you.


AdzCoin is another cryptocurrency/digital currency, as others. This can be earned through social activity, just think as if facebook give you money to be active on their site.

AdzCoin works the same way as bitcoin. Everybody will be able to earn AdzCoin forever. Coin can be turn into cash or various shops.

In other words AdzCoin is coin for marketers to get free advertising.

How to get online wallet for AdzCoin?

Same here as we need a wallet like bitcoin wallet. Here AdzCoin wallet where you get and pay from whenever needed. You can get for you here StartPeeps wallet.

StartPeeps is community site where you earn free coins by social activity. You get AdzCoin wallet here. This is there are more to get about earning and increasing money and marketing. This network is growing and all updates can be found on site and facebook page also.

One comment

  1. kang van says:

    Hi can i know the currency of AdzCoin to $ USA ?
    ex, 1 AdzCoin= how much dollar usa ?
    10 AdzCoin = $ ?


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