How To Start Earning Bitcoin?

how to earn bitcoin

How to start earning/receiving bitcoin? I am new to bitcoin.
Just few steps to start receiving bitcoins.
What you need initially to start?

New to bitcoin

If you are interested in bitcoin then you know how online earning is. You have earned some money and know about online payment platform like PayPal and Payza.

If so, then you can understand bitcoin wallet and earning through bitcoin faucets, PTC and from other methods.

Start to earn bitcoin

You need a wallet (payment system) first. Where you can keep all your coins and pay/receive payments online. It is same like PayPal where you keep money and can use to pay for products/services.

Get wallet address from CoinBase or ChainBlock. Address require to send and receive money, there is one auto created address will be provided on account sign up and later can be create more as per your need.

Keep all addresses in safe place and do not forget the associate addresses and website. Bitcoin addresses are used to login on earning websites mostly.
UserId is bitcoin address and Password is your created pass.

Second you need websites to make some good coins. To find out which is good and if you like PTC/survey/community or interested in all these. To See what are the best faucet sites, search the blog here.

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