Bitcoin Earning With BTCclicks


As there are lots of websites which allow members to get money by activity. PTC is one of the best ways to earn some money online. Where you do not invest any penny but few minutes a day to click on ads.

BTCclick a PTC website

BTCclicks is another PTC (Paid To Click) website. It is fully PTC and has nothing extra to earn more money such as AdGrid or game to earn more money.

Thinking you would like to join such a site which is focused on only single program/system. Posible you get irritated seeing the 3-4 system to add more money. Banner

Daily ads

BTCclicks gives you daily ads. You get 20+ ads everyday and all ads will give you minimum 0.00012 mBTC (0.00000012) and some will give you 0.00030 BTC for a click.

0.00012 means 0.00000012
Remember not to miss understood by the digit shown on the site earning. It 12-60 satoshis for a click.


Low-cost ads require to wait for 10 seconds and highest are recorded 60 seconds to wait to get that amount. Because there are enough ads daily you can collect 0.001 mBTC in a day.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 mBTC means over 700 clicks you need to get this amount.

Is it legitimate?

There are enough proofs that say it really pays. People have shown the payment proofs in the community. This site was found legit by the payment of 0.00010518 BTC. The payment was received within 4-5 hrs, you may wait for 24 hrs in some cases.

How I got payment?

Not happy by the payment. It is done instantly and I received the payment within 4-5 hrs the wrong choice was I used xapo wallet to receive. I have coinbase wallet and do not use xapo wallet usually because of some technical issues coinbase was facing I had to use xapo wallet.
Transaction fee requires to receive and send coins for xapo wallet. Outgoing 0.00063585 and incoming 0.00042153 is required. So you must need to check the fee before transferring the bitcoins.
As I did not check it and there is a loss of full amount. Even BTCclicks charge fee of 1.5% and my amount was 0.00010518 and I received 0 BTC.
xapo payment received

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